The world of story-telling: acting-workshop with Adriana Salles and Andreas Simma

A human being and his imagination. Only our body and an “empty space”. Everything is possible.
In this workshop we develop – starting from the body – a play. The material can be old or new, or even newly invented.

The workshop is aimed at
Actors, dancers, singers, clowns, writers, directors, filmmakers, critics (why not?)… From beginners to professionals.
Differences in level are not a brake but part of the work in a group.
Experiences are shared, everyone can learn from everyone.

August 30-September 3, 2021
Mon-Fri from 10 am to 5 pm (one hour lunch break).

Kultursteg Nenzing/Artenne Nenzing, Vorarlberg, Austria

Costs: 380 Euro course fee + 120 Euro lunch and catering (5 days)


Course content
We explore the basics of storytelling.
Script and text, a choreography, a score are structures in motion. How does a story affect the performance space, how does the performance space affect the story? The actors’ use of their bodies replaces the stage set. We discover forms of play that we observe in Peter Brook’s work.
The most important instrument for performers is his body.

The neutral mask
We try to find the “zero point”. Not the “NOTHING” but the receptive “emptiness”, the necessary physical presence on stage, the necessary minimum, where everything is possible …
As a next step, we seek to re-enact human behavior by means of “expressive masks”. Without words.

Crying and laughing
We explore melodrama, or the art of making the audience cry. Furthermore, we try to dive into the world of half-masks by means of the Commedia dell’arte and its Balinese cousins. The aim is to find out what effect each mask has on the individual participant, how his own imagination is fired and how he becomes creative on his own.

We are looking for lively, modern (today’s) theater, where the human being and humanity are at the center.
The teachers Adriana Salles and Andreas Simma